National Championships_Know before you arrive

by USA Karate

Host Hotel and Competition Venue

Competition, registration, weigh-ins and meetings will all take place at the Schaumburg Convention Center and Hotel in Schaumburg, IL. 

1551 N Thoreau Dr

Schaumburg, IL 60173


Know the General Schedule

See full schedule 

  • Monday, Aug 30

    Arrival of delegations

  • Tuesday, Aug 31

    12-5 pm - Registration and Credential desk open

    2-2:45 pm – Junior Weigh-in (ages 12-17)

    4-4:45 pm – Senior Weigh-in (ages 18-34)

  • Wednesday, Sept 1

    8:30 am-12 pm & 1-5 pm - Registration and Credential desk open

    9-9:45 am & 2-2:45 pm – Junior Weigh-in (ages 12-17)

    9am-6 pm – Referee Certification Course

    11-11:45 am - Senior Weigh-in

    2-6 pm – Dan Certification (by appointment with Technical Committee)

    4-4:45 pm – FINAL Senior Weigh-in

    5-6 pm - Volunteer meeting

    6-7 pm – Referee briefing – Mandatory for all Officials

    6-7 pm – Coach briefing and Senior Draws – Mandatory for all Coaches

    7-8 pm – Karate General Assembly

  • Thursday, Sept 2

    8 am - Competition Begins

    12-1 pm – Junior Weigh-in

    5-5:30 pm – Draws for Junior Kata divisions

  • Friday, Sept 3

    8 am – Competition continues

    12-1 pm – FINAL Junior Weigh-ins

    5-5:30 pm – Draws for Junior Kumite divisions

    7-8 pm – Athlete town hall

  • Saturday, Sept 4 – Sunday, Sept 5

8 am – Competition continues



Pack the essentials!

Passport - Don’t forget to bring your current passport! A passport is required for Elite athlete credential pickup and elite division weigh-ins. If your passport is pending and being renewed, you can bring a copy of your old passport and the renewal receipt.  If your passport is pending and it is a new passport, you can bring a copy of your birth certificate and the receipt for the application of a passport. 

Bring your white Gi

  • Only white traditional Gis are allowed in signature events.  The Karate1 Red and Blue striped Gis are not allowed.  
  • The Gi must have a USA-NKF patch on it.  Flag patches cannot be worn at signature events. 

Required protective equipment

  • Non-Elite Kumite Competitors: 
    • USA Karate/WKF approved red & blue Gloves/Mitts
    • USA Karate/WKF approved Shin and Instep Protectors - either red/blue, or white Mouth Guard
    • Groin Protector (All Male competitors)
    • WKF Approved Chest Protector for Females in age 14+ Advanced Kumite Divisions
  • Elite Kumite Competitors: 
    • WKF approved red & blue Gloves/Mitts.
    • WKF approved red & blue Shin and Instep Protectors.
    • Mouth Guard
    • Groin Protector (All Male competitors).
    • WKF Approved Chest Protector (All Female competitors)
    • WKF approved Body Armor

Don’t forget your face masks - Masks will be required for all individuals regardless of vaccination status within the tournament and event space. Athletes will not be required to wear a mask during competition in the field of play. Athlete will be required to wear a mask when they are at the tatami and not competing. Coaches and officials will be required to wear masks during competition including field of play. Protocols may change if additional restrictions are put on by the convention center, state, or local health departments.

Spectator passes

Spectator tickets are on sale at the event for $25 a day or $60 for a four-day pass. 

Purchase your tickets online prior to the event at the discounted fee of $20 a day or $50 for a four-day pass by clicking here. Children 4 and under get in free.

Buy spectator passes here. 


We will see you in Chicago soon!



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