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Zarian Kama

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    I started karate at 6 years old. ...This is my first year making the Junior US Team 2019. I am so excited and humbled to part take in this huge event. Thank you!...I’d have to say that my hero is my family. From my baby sis, my Mom, Dad, Tutu, Papa, Nana, Aunties, Uncles, cousins, Senseis & classmates that I consider my “hero.” They make sacrifices for me when they can or when even when they can’t. I am so grateful and blessed to have such an amazing supportive team behind me. I love you all....This year at NKF nationals would be my biggest and most meaningful win because this is my first time making it on the Junior US team....Honestly, I LOVE to cheer and watch my classmates, especially the younger ones in our dojo during competition. We all worked so hard, endless hours and days, leading up to nationals, that it makes me so excited to see all the hard work and sweat, laid out on the mat. It makes me so proud of each and every student, that it makes every national experience, an amazing experience for me every year....I get my inspiration from my baby sister, Manalani. My baby sister is the strongest fighter, I’ve ever had a fight with haha!. Manalani teaches me to be strong, through the tough times. When I am feeling down or need a hug, Manalani is always there for me. She teaches me that life is more than just a win or loss, it’s one that we should live to the fullest. I love you, Manalani.


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