USA National Karate-do Federations Committee Members

Coaches Committee
Akira Fukuda (Chairperson)
Christina Muccini-Finegan
Brody Burns
Shannon Nishi-Patton
Jeff Kohn
Ethics Committee
Chris Hodgin (Chairperson)
John LaTona
Adam Older
Judicial Committee
Roger Moore (Chairperson)
Jonathan Eichner
Brian Mertel
Stephanie Arrache 
Medical Advisory Committee
Dr. Kathy Bailey (Chairperson)
Dr. Franklin Sease
Dr. Clay Morton 
Gil Gilliland
Megan Cicchetti
 Nominating and Governance Committee
Cyrus Madani (Chairperson)
Ray Hughes
Caren Lesser
Will Gatch
Referee Committee - Operations
Cleveland Baxter (Chairperson)
Kathy Bailey
Raul Shelton
 Brian Ramrup
Diane Martin (Secretary – Non-Voting Member)
 Referee Committee - Education
 Alex Miladi (Chairperson)
 Mary Crawford
 Caren Lesser
 Michael McKenzie
 Jessica Kwong
Jordan M. Fox (Secretary – Non-Voting Member) 
 Referee Committee - Certification
Gary Tsutsui (Chairperson)
 Cedric Barksdale
 Chris Hodgin
 Chuck Sweigart
 Elisa Au
 Jo Pledge (Secretary – Non Voting Member)
Technical Committee
Katsutaka Tanaka (Chairperson)
Ed Kuras
Doug Jepperson
Ramon Veras
Mina Yamazaki


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