2022 Series A Event Information

by USA Karate

The following information has been shared by the World Karate Federation regarding the 2022 Series A events. 


To encourage sports participation and to generate interest in the classification in the WKF Ranking.


Based on the number of tatamis proposed by the organizer (host) and limited to a maximum of 96 athletes per category. 


Open registration three months before the state of the event. 


60€/1st month. 70€/next 45 days. 90€ last 15 days. 



Competitors ranked in the first 32 positions of the WKF ranking will not be allowed to complete in Series A events. The participation will be limited to those competitiors from position 33 onwards of the WKF ranking. 

Participation is limited for 96 competitors in each category, with following phases of inscription:

  • 1st Phase: Registration only by NF's for athletes ranked between positions 33 and 100 of WKF ranking (first 2 weeks of registration). Maximum one athlete per category. 
  • 2nd Phase: Open registration. 



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