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Message from Rahul Bawa, Chair of USA Karate Board of Directors

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Message from Rahul Bawa, Chair of USA Karate Board of Directors

As part of our continued focus to improve communications within USANKF, I would like to provide an update from our most recent Board meeting held in person in Chicago on Friday, April 1 and Saturday, April 2, 2022. This was the first in-person USANKF Board meeting for the new Board which was seated on December 15, 2021.

This meeting was closed to USANKF members since the main agenda items were as follows:

  1. Strategic Planning working session
  2. Governance Training provided to the Board by the USOPC
  3. Compliance Training provided to the Board by the USOPC
  4. Review of proposed Bylaw changes required by the recently completed USOPC Audit.

The Board had a productive Strategic Planning working session.  We reviewed our Mission statement, identified a set of core values, identified our constituents, and conducted a SWOT analysis of the USANKF.

I’m pleased to share that the Board formally approved the following core values for the USANKF (not in any order):

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Supportiveness
  • Commitment to JEDI (Justice, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion)
  • Pursuit of Excellence

The Board will continue to develop a strategic plan for the organization. Additional information regarding our core values and strategic plan will be shared in the months ahead.

Some of the other items discussed during the April 1-2 Board meeting were as follows (full details to be provided via the meeting minutes once approved):

  1. Independent Position Board Opening - the initial candidate nominated by the Nominating and Governance committee has withdrawn his candidacy. The Nominating & Governance committee has identified another candidate to recommend to the full Board and is completing their due diligence on the candidate.

  2. Updates were provided on each of the following 2022 Priorities:
    1. Improve Communications – the Board approved a Communications plan developed by Elisa Au designed to improve communications from the USANKF.
    2. Develop Strategic Plan
    3. Complete the actions required by the 2021 USOPC Demand Letter
    4. Re-examine Committees
    5. Review Bylaws
    6. Enhance Junior Team Support
    7. Support WKF efforts to include karate in the LA 2028 Summer Olympic Games.

  3. Task Forces – after a discussion regarding USANKF’s finances, the Board created 2 ad-hoc task forces to help raise revenue.  Each task force will focus on a specific area and will provide updates at future Board meetings.  The ad-hoc task forces created were as follows:
    1. Sponsorship – chaired by Tom Scott
    2. Fundraising – chaired by Sasha Gerritson

The next Board meeting is planned for Friday, May 13 from 2-5pm (Eastern time) and will be open to all USANKF members.  Information on how to register to attend the May 13th Board meeting via Zoom will be provided in early May.

I am honored to be the Chair of the USANKF Board and want to hear from all of our 

constituents (athletes, referees, coaches, instructors, parents, volunteers, sponsors, staff, USOPC, donors and partners).  If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns regarding USA Karate, feel free to contact our national office via e-mail at or by phone at (719) 477-6925.

You may also contact me directly via e-mail at

Rahul Bawa
Board Chair and President
USA National Karate-do Federation


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