I understand that as a USA National Karate-do Federation Coach I have assumed certain responsibilities to prepare develop and be an advocate for the USA Elite Athletes in the Sport of Karate.  To that end of successfully fulfilling my role, I agree to:

1. Obey and abide by all USA-NKF published rules, regulations, protocols and procedures.

2. Maintain exemplary standards of personal conduct as well as dress.

3. Obey all State, National and International Laws

4. Not use alcohol, illegal drugs or substances, which could impair or hamper my best judgment or abilities as a Coach.

5. Apprise myself of all organizational duties and ensure that those duties are carried out in a timely and first rate manner.

6. Attend all mandatory USA-NKF Technical/Referee Clinics/Seminars and social events and be responsible to the USA-NKF and WKF Rules of Competition.

7. Refrain from using any profane or abusive language.

8. Accept no gratuities or gifts from Athlete members.

9. Refrain from fraternizing with USA Team Members.

Assume any disciplinary measures or penalties imposed by the USA-NKF Membership and Credentials Committee for the following:

    • Not property registering Athletes for events or categories, which result in disqualification.
    • Not properly ensuring that Athletes are apprised of any rule changes or other regulations on the competition venue, which could adversely affect their performance.
    • Not properly tabulating score or placement, which affects the final results of an Athletes competition.
    • Arbitrarily/Improperly withdrawing a Contestant or Team
    • Not issuing a formal protest where one could affect the ultimate outcome of a match behalf of an Athlete because of lack of attention, concern or knowledge of the Rules.
11. Do my utmost to teach and support each Athlete Member of the Team fairly and equitably.

12. Do my utmost to use my experience to ensure the best Athlete Representation on behalf of the United States.

13. I will not discriminate against any part of the Delegation or Athletes based upon race, sex or National origin.

14. I will not speak disparaging of the Federation or my colleagues and will endeavor to promote the National Governing Body in a positive way.


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