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Joane Orbon

Jr PKF Gold Medalist (2008, 2013, 2014) Jr PKF Bronze Medalist (2010, 2011)

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Sacramento, CA


Bear Creek High School Columbia Southern University

I started karate when I was 7. My family moved to Stockton from the Bay Area in 2001, so my mom searched for activities my brother and I would be able to do together in the Yellow Pages and found karate and swimming. Three things you may not know about me are that I am a big sports fan and can probably watch ESPN all day, I love sushi and can eat it everyday, and my go to app is Pinterest. ...I'm a big sports fan and can probably watch ESPN all day. I love sushi and can eat it every day. My go-to app is Pinterest.
  • 3x PKF Champion
  • USA Karate Female Athlete of the Year 2015
  • 10x US Champion
  • Pan Am Games US Team (2015)
  • Senior US National Team (2014, 2015, 2017)
  • Junior US National Team (2008-2014)
  • Sr National Silver Medalist (2015, 2017)
  • Sr National Champion (2016)
  • Jr National Champion (2008-2014)


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