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Talia Moghnieh

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    Houston, TX

    This is the first time I have made the Junior National Team and I am so excited!...I started karate at 6 years old. I started karate because I saw my wonderful, amazing rolemodel (my mom) practicing, and like who doesn't wanna be like their mom. I remember my mom was training and had finished class and outside I tried to do some moves....My favorite food is probably, no wait definitely sushi, like to the point where I could eat it everyday. SO... I'm just saying if you are ever in Houston and want sushi, just cal me because I got you....My hobbies are playing the violin, basketball, and volleyball. And yes I didn't say karate because karate is not a hobby of mine it is life....I absolutely love the feeling after winning a fight that feeling is probably the best feeling in the world, I feel like I can touch the sky or do anything. It just feels stupendous. Like one step of my journey has been completed or I just finished a level of the hardest game of life....My hero, No I don't have one hero, how could I if I have two amazing, great, awesome people in my life. My mom and dad are my real life heroes. My parents are just so amazing, I mean could you even imagine where I would be without my parents, me neither. My mom saw a potential in me when nobody, emphasis on nobody, saw it. I mean like my mom could go out with friends and do so many things but instead my mom chose to live a life where her daughter came first. My mom trained with me 6 days a week. Oh and caution don't mess with me because before I will say anything my mom will already be there. My mom not only has my back but my front. Also my dad has put so much effort and time into my life, I so grateful of the life I am living because of the way my dad nurtured me to this day. Though not many people in the karate world guys just because he's big and strong that doesn't mean he is full of smiles and donuts. My dad is such an amazing sweet gentleman, like who else sits up with you at 1:00 helping you with homework. I love both my HEROES so much!!!!!...I actually have two favorite quotes they are: "To be number one, you must train like you are number two." - Maurice Green, and "You have to be ODD to be number ONE." - Dr. Seuss
    • Member of the 2018 Junior National Team


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