Head Shot

Thierry Brewer

    Athlete Bio

    Phoenix, Arizona
    Current Hometown *
    Naples, Florida
    Height/ Weight 
    5'7" / 124.6 pounds
    Family (only child, brothers/sisters, ect) *
    one sister / Mia
    What age did you start karate?
    What style of karate do you do? *
    Shito Ryu
    What's your favorite food? *
    What type of music do you listen to? *
    What is your favorite music group or artist? *
    jason derulo 
    Do you listen to music before you go it the ring? If so, what kind? *
    Do you have any pets? What kind?  *
    two dogs /two cats
    What is your pets name?
    jack, jill, story, silvia
    Do you have any hidden talents? *
    I am a gymnast 
    How many hours a week do you workout in preparation for a major tournament?
    How many times have you made the Junior US Team and in what events? *
    I have made the team twice and in the Pan American Games.
    Who is your favorite superhero?
    Who is your hero in real life? Why? *
    Jesus, Christ. He saved me from spending an eternal life in hell.
    Favorite Quote *
    The ones that say "you won't" are the ones scared that "you will"
    Biggest Win. Why? *
    Beating Matthew Jen in the semi finals at the 2015 nationals in Naples, Florida. He beat me two years ago at the 2013 nationals in South Carolina.
    What do you love about competition? *
    Proving that I can defend myself against anyone.
    Favorite way to relax? *
    Taking a hot shower. Then watching a movie.
    Where do you get your inspiration from? *
    Wanting to be the best that I can be and always peeking when I fight.


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