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Kylie Mahoney

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    Lakewood, IL

    I have an older sister who competes in the 18-20 Elite Kumite -61kg division and made the Junior National Team with me this year....Besides karate, I enjoy doing hair, makeup, and playing all kinds of sports for fun....I have multiple heroes in real life in all different parts of my life. My Senseis and coaches are heroes to me because they guide me in the right direction with my karate. My school teachers and my councilor are my heroes because they help bring out my best work in school to guide me on the right path for school and my future. My family members are my heroes because they always support me and have my back with everything I do....I get my inspiration from my sister. She inspired me to join karate again when I was 11 because I went to all of the competitions to watch her compete and I saw the journey she went through to get her black belt and to compete at high levels and I wanted to have all of that too....I like a lot of pop/rap/hip-hop music as Beyonce is my favorite artist...."Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." -John F. Kennedy


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